Architectures for cognitive radio testbeds and demonstrators an overview (0)

by O Gustafsson, K Amiri, D Andersson, A Blad, C Bonnet, J R Cavallaro, J Declerck, A Dejonghe, P Eliardsson, M Glasse, A Hayar, L Hollevoet, C Hunter, M Joshi, F Kaltenberger, R Knopp, K Le, Z Miljanic, P Murphy, F Naessens, N Nikaein, D Nussbaum, R Pacalet, P Raghavan, A Sabharwal, O Sarode, P Spasojevic, S Yang, H M Tullberg, T Vander-Aa, L Van der Perre, M Wetterwald, M Wu
Venue:in Proc. Int. Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications (CROWNCOM